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The app was wonderful. Now it won’t let me log in. It’s gone from the App Store for USA and there’s no response from DōTERRA. What gives? I purchased this app to use it and I want answers.

Will not open. Nothing.

Screen has been frozen on the shop page for about 5 days!


Everything is there, and its a lot simpler than the website, but because its new it has been loading funny. And theres no simple back button of any kind. Just needs some thing brought up to speed, then it would be perfect. You can edit your orders conveniently as well.

Cannot sign in!!!???

Just purchased this Doterra app and it doesnt have any place to sign up.....

Cant even get past front page

I cant even get past the username and password front page! It doesnt take my hotmail or Facebook or actual Doterra login info , wont let you enter and edit info area and keeps saying my credentials are wrong. So far a complete waste of money! Grrrrrr

What the....?

Cant access the app at all. The app requires username and password which clearly doesnt link with member ID or email address. Waste of money. Use the web to login, place orders and review info because if you rely on the app, youll have no info whatsoever and be out of pocket $2.29. The live chat and the customer service is terrible as well.

That was a waste of money! :(

Allows me to login, but the app does nothing but show blank screens and crashes. That was a waste of money.. :(

Login issues

I havent been able to login for weeks on this app...cant even get past the login screen which is very frustrating. Ive even tried deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that resolved the issue but it is still persisting.


Not having read the reviews first which was my mistake I purchased this app and like all the others here I cannot get past the username password page. Waste of money

Waste of money

Crashes all the time. Cant do anything on it.


WTH is with this app!? Ive deleted and reinstalled close to 100X. Maybe its worked 2-3x. Crashes before it even opens. Come on Doterra... Get someone to make you an app that works. You should refund everyone that paid for this worthless app.

Slow and needs a back button!

It works and you can access pretty much everything you need, but it needs a back button so you dont have to start over when looking for oils. It also is slow and crashes a lot.

Does not work on iPad Air

I should have paid attention to the reviews. It does not work for me at all, just spins and crashes. I also find it disappointing to have to pay for an app to order on Mobile. doTerra should make their website mobile friendly or provide a free app.

Worked...for awhile

Page flashes from lavender to white...back and forth. Then goes black. Very dissatisfied, app is unusable.

Wellness advocate 1234

I love DoTerra oils but the app wont even work like at all! $2 down the drain!


It deserves NO stars from me! I cant even open it! I cant believe I had to pay for this! I want my money back!


I just bought this app and after logging in it doesnt even work. For a paid app and such an expensive set of products I expect so much more. Awful.


So disappointing!! I cant even get in!

Sad app

I am unable to log in the app crashes. I paid 1.99 for nothing Im not happy

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